Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology Winnipeg, Manitoba - Cancer Care Winnipeg

Integrative, collaborative cancer care. I always shy away from sharing this part of my practice because it feels so vulnerable and sensitive. That said, naturopathic medicine can be so supportive to cancer care - and I’ll explain why.

My job is to support patients while they go through conventional treatment - whether that be chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, etc.

While the ultimate goal is to treat (or prevent) the cancer effectively, I also work to support the quality of life that tends to fall on the back burner. By empowering and strengthening patients, they do better.

I work to optimize nutrition so patients feel better.

Using natural therapies, I work to reduce the frequency and severity of side effects from conventional treatment.

And I work to strengthen the immune system so patients have less complications and tolerate these conventional treatments better.

And this is all done safely and effectively, with care taken to ensure there are no drug-herb interactions. By keeping the lines of communication open between myself and other healthcare professionals, the patient truly gets the best care.

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