You’ll be sent an intake form (via email) to be filled out prior to your visit.

This intake form gives you the opportunity to identify concerns that you’d like addressed, in addition to listing current medical conditions, allergies, family medical history and goals.

The intake form also asks you to list any medications and/or supplements you are currently taking, along with their dosages. This ends up being a significant part of my role in your healthcare. As an ND, I’ll check for any nutrient depletions or potential interactions caused by medications, supplements or the combination of the two.


Initial visits are 90 minutes in length and include a thorough intake of your health concerns and personal medical history. A complaint-oriented physical examination is often completed in our first or second visit. This is important for us to identify any abnormal findings, but to also acknowledge what your “normal” is. The following information should be brought to your first visit:

  • Names and dosages of current medications and natural health products (this is only required if you haven’t already listed these on your online intake form).

  • Relevant blood work, diagnostic imaging or specialist reports. If you do not have any of these reports with you, an authorized Release of Records can be sent on your behalf, to obtain them.

If you require further lab work, the following labs may be utilized:

Additionally, as a member of your healthcare team, I am happy to communicate with your family physician and any other healthcare providers that are involved in your care.


Follow-up consults range from 15-60 minutes, depending on the level and detail of your concerns. If we have received any lab work or results, we will review it in detail and initiate/alter treatments, accordingly. During these follow-up visits, we will monitor progress and address any additional concerns.

Telemedicine (secure video or telephone) services may be utilized for patients who are located in other regions of Manitoba. Inquire further by getting in touch via this link.

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