Functional Testing with the Dutch Test

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One of the coolest tools I get to use. The DUTCH test.

Before you jump to any conclusions, DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.

As I’d like to think of myself as a hormone detective, I’m all over this test.

And because there is absolutely no way I can cover this entire test in one post, I’m going to focus on estrogen today.

Both the ovaries and fat (adipose) tissue are responsible for making majority of your estrogen. Estrogen is also made from androstenedione (derived from DHEA) and testosterone. Insulin resistance (and excess fat), stress and alcohol will increase aromatase, which results in more circulating estrogen. This isn’t ideal.

So, this test also lets me determine how well you’re metabolizing estrogen (note the blue, red and green arrows). 2-OH (see green arrow and pie chart) is considered the ideal pathway, whereas the 4-OH and 16-OH are considered proliferative, and potentially carcinogenic (specifically, may increase the risk for breast cancer).

If you happen to be a patient of mine, you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about this metabolism (I think it comes up in every visit I have with women #sorrynotsorry) - but it’s seriously important for keeping estrogen in check! Estrogen should be BALANCED.

The best thing about this? There is so much you can do through lifestyle and nutrition to keep estrogen in check.

Are you dealing with hormone imbalance? Or do you want further information on how to support proper estrogen metabolism?

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