Acne - How Naturopathic Medicine Gave Me Control

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Acne - my archnemesis. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I have always been frustrated by my skin since going through puberty. This is totally a sensitive topic for me, so bear with me.

I have literally tried it all and I have had way too moments of completely despising my skin. There have been so many days where I did everything I could to avoid going out in public, and that is (sadly) so debilitating (and unrealistic). Cheers to all my friends that would hang out with me while I had spots of ‘acne cream’ on my face. No matter what I did, my skin was out of control.

My understanding of my skin has completely changed with the help of naturopathic medicine. I had always been told that diet didn’t matter, to just get my stress ‘under control,’ and to stop picking. I truly thought retinol (vitamin A) was the only real preventative measure, and at one point I even begged my dermatologist to put me on Accutane.

Naturopathic medicine has equipped me with control over my skin. And sure enough, my diet has been the most critical factor.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My skin is FAR from perfect, and I won’t lie, I am still thankful for benzoyl peroxide. I just love that I’ve been given more control over my skin, and I love naturopathic medicine all the more for it.

I love talking about acne (acne vulgaris!), so there will be more posts to come.

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