How is Your Sleep?

Sleep Winnipeg, Manitoba

The reality is: if you’re not sleeping well, you’re not going to feel well. And it won’t matter how many supplements I throw at you, you won’t feel better until you’re sleeping better.

Sleep is a major obstacle to cure.

You’re not sleeping and then your hormones go haywire (and vice versa, really - hormones gone wild? So might your sleep)!

Here are some questions I ask patients:

  • Are you having difficulty falling asleep?

  • Any difficulty staying asleep?

  • What keeps you up?

  • What wakes you up?

  • How easily can you fall back asleep?

  • Do you feel refreshed/rejuvenated after sleeping?

Quite honestly, 9/10 times I ask that last question - most people say no. Is this you? Why?

Working with sleep is multi-factorial and is way more than just trying melatonin. Melatonin will not solve all sleep woes - and if you’ve tried it without success, it probably wasn’t the right solution for you.

By addressing the cause of your sleep dysfunction, we can come up with solutions for a more effective, deeper, restful state of sleep.

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